Taxi for Jaipur to Ajmer Day Tour


Arrival At Jaipur - Pickup from Jaipur Airport / Railway Station / Bus Stand by placard carrying driver. Transfer to hotel for installation..

After leisurely breakfast, Drive to Ajmer:

A religious place with a famous dargah of a pious Muslim saint, Ajmer is known to fulfil the wishes of many a disheartened soul.

Tourist Attractions in Ajmer

Dargah in Ajmer ( Khwaja Sahib ) It is the landmark of Ajmer and one of the holiest of Muslim shrines in the country. It has a secular appeal and revered by people of all sect. Khwaja Moin-ud-din Chisti, a Sufi saint from Persia made this place his abode from 1192 till he died in 1236 AD. Mughal King Humayun completed the construction of the shrine. The Dargah is approached through a massive gate with silver doors built in several stages. Emperor Akbar made an annual pilgrimage to Ajmer.


Adhai Din Ka Jhopra Stories are abound as to how the name of the mosque came into being. According to few, the mosque was constructed within two and half days and thus its name. However, there are others who believe its name derived from the festival that lasted for two and a half days. Whatever be the story behind the name, the fact is that the mosque was originally built as a Sanskrit college and functioned so till the time Mohammad Ghori converted it into a mosque. He added seven arched walls covered with Islamic calligraphy in front of the pillared hall. The mosque, despite its bit dilapidated condition, attracts visitors because of its fine architecture.


Pushkar city is regarded to be the abode of Lord Brahma. Brahma is one of the three Hindu gods forming the great Hindu trilogy.

Tourist Attractions in Pushkar

Brahma Temple

This is probably the only important Brahma Temple in the country where the Creator of Universe is worshipped with immense faith. Located on the Brahma Ghat of Pushkar Lake, the temple has a four faced idol of Brahma installed in 1809.


Savitri Temple

This temple is built atop Ratnagiri hill and pays respect to Brahmas wife, Goddess Savitri. A one hour trek takes tourists up the temple from where a splendid view of the surroundings - Pushkar Lake and sand dunes of nearby villages- can be enjoyed. The temple was built in 1687.


Raghunath Temples

Two Raghunath temples adorn the city of Puskar. The old one has the deities of Narsimha, Laxmi and Venugopal in it and was built in 1823. The newer temple has deities of Vaikunthanath and Laksmi.


Pushkar Lake

This lake is believed to have appeared all by itself when the lotus flower fell off from the hands of Brahma. The lake is surrounded by 52 ghats and 400 temples. A holy dip in the water of the lake, especially during Kartik Purnima, is considered extremely auspicious to purify human soul. Today, after a bad monsoon the water of the lakes dries up which takes away half the attraction of Pushkar city.


Man Mahal Built by Raja Man Singh of Amer, stands on the banks of Pushkar and is now a tourist bungalow known as RTDC Hotel Sariver. It is the convenient place for visitors to stay.


Drop at Airport / Railway Station / Bus Stand.

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